Service Dog Vest Pattern. New Clothes for Your Dog

service dog vest patternService dogs are specially trained animals to assist disabled people and elderly individuals with their daily tasks around their homes as well as in public areas. Whether you are aware of the fact or not, but these are the only animals which are allowed admission in public areas such as concert venues, movie theatres, hotels, restaurants, shopping complex, department and grocery stores, etc. These working dogs can be easily identified by the small bright service dog vests they wear. In most of the case, if a service training organization trains your service dog, they purchase and provide the vests. However, if for some reason, the vest was not provided, you must get one.

You will be delighted to know that service dog vests are easily available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors across the globe. They are usually manufactured out of tough, comfortable and durable nylon fabric of bright colors, and their price is known to range between $20 and $200. In case, you are unable to find a service dog vest within your budget, you must know that a service dog can be easily made at home. Needless to be mentioned, but the DIY process is unquestionably going to be highly cost effective and you will have the exceptional opportunity to design your own service dog vest pattern allowing your service animal to stand out from the crowd. Here are some quick tips to assist you design a vest with unique service dog vest pattern.

Firstly, you need to draw a basic pattern of dog vest by getting the proper measurement of the dog. Making use of a tape and measuring the circumference of the dog behind the front legs and along the widest part of the body will get you the accurate measurement of the girth. Thereafter, you need to lay the pattern on a durable, water resistant, bright cloth and cut out the service dog vest pattern. Ensure to add two inches to each measurement in order to adjust the vest later on.

Lay the trimmed service dog vest pattern on a flat surface, and cut a piece of webbing to all around the outside of the material. The webbing is very important because it protects the raw edges of the vest. Sew or glue the webbing strips to cover the edges on the front as well as the back ends so that they hold the service dog vest pattern when connected.

Lastly, complete the service dog vest pattern by sewing a Service Dog Registry patch on the top side of the service dog vest pattern so that it easily visible. Needless to be mentioned, but you can even make the service dog vest pattern more attractive by sewing other embellishments on the vest. A small colorful tag in a charming shape with the skills of the dog printed can be ideal too.

Do not forget to place the service dog vest pattern on the dog for proper fit. Make sure you are able to put two fingers inside the vest so that you can be assured of optimum comfort.